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1. Improved circulation
Blood needs to Flow Freely throughout the Body Carrying oxygen and nutrients to All the cells and removing the waste production of metabolism and other toxin by reducing stress and tension,Reflexology allows the cardiovascular vessels to Con duct the Flow of Blood Naturally easily

2. Increased energy
Reflexology revitalizes energy throughout the Body by relaxing and Opening up energy pathways

3 Strees Reduction
When We are stressed Our Body's defense Break down and We becorne more susceptible to illness and distaste,Reflexology reduces stress by Generating Deep Tranquil relaxation,helping the body balance itself and Allowing Healing Energy to Flow

4  improving cell repair and growth
Reflexology promotes healing by stimulating the nerves in the body and encouraging the Flow of Blood,increases oxygen and nerve cells helps repair and Create New cells throughout the body Reflexology Massage is used to Reduce effects of stress upon your bady relaxing You, A General Reflexology Massage will Benefit your entire body.